comfort & luxury

Feel like home or better…

Being adventurous and eager to expand your cooking skills does not mean you have to do without comfort and luxury while travelling!

Take your time with us to surround yourself with luxury and enjoy our premium service. We offer you a memorable experience while enjoying an exclusive hand-picked selection of Boutique Hotels and Small Luxury Accommodation in Greece with best guest rating.

Eat and drink in the most imaginative places, from a top notch gourmet restaurant to a renovated olive press or a candle-lit wine cellar, and savor traditional products of high aesthetic and added gastronomic value.

Enjoy exclusivity and receive personalized attention from our friendly multilingual guides and leaders while travelling with a small group.

Every detail is carefully planned so that you can enjoy this custom luxury tour and travel in style. Whether in a luxury mini bus, a beautiful sailing boat or even a traditional horse-drawn carriage, we are committed to offer you safety and comfort by using every suitable way of transport to deliver our carefully planned and tested scenario for a dream-like holiday.