culinary experiences

We proudly present our collection, “Culinary Experiences”, with a list of innovative, luxury travel experiences which offer you the opportunity to discover, experience and taste Greece! Every experience is tailor-made to fit your expectations and you can rest assured that it will more than satisfy your appetite!

An exceptional choice of Greece’s top travel destinations as well as new emerging “hidden treasures”, where you will have the chance to go “off the bitten track” and live an authentic culinary experience, since we fiercely believe that in order to meet the glorious Greek culture one must experience the Greek cuisine.

Enjoy cooking classes and meals held on the most unpredictable sites all over Greece, meet the opportunity to learn more about the local ingredients, practices in food preparation, and related history and culture, as well as light courses on local wine, olive oil, honey, various herbs and spices, traditional sweets and deserts and cheese production.

Explore the country’s unique nature of mythical proportions, taste home-grown, organic products of the Mediterranean land and experience what real food tastes like, discover what makes the Greek cuisine famous all over the world… The product is brand new, declaring its uniqueness in Greece and ready to launch.

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