What is it?

Oríste is a unique Show & Taste Experience that has been created and developed as business tool that will assist producers and buyers to extend their trade possibilities.

It also informs the local media representatives as well as valued opinion makers about the new trends in the food and beverage sector.   

How does it work?

In a triptych of actions – the Pop Up Restaurant, the Corner Showroom and the Seminars, the guests get to experience a meal, fusing the precious local traditional flavors with the selected Greek products, see the products in their original packaging and design and be informed by the food and beverage experts on the quality and value of each product.

The oríste World Event venues

Represent traditional values married with a modern spirit and attitude towards gastronomy.

Present our esteemed guests with the best experience, one that entails excellent executive chef skills, the right ambiance and the originality that the oríste event requires.

oríste to pushing forward, to innovation, to exploring new international business paths.

oríste to being ahead of your time, to making targeted efforts that will open up markets as well as new opportunities.

oríste to a concentrated networking event that can provide all participants with real contacts that will push business forward and make it competitive in the international market.

oríste… as in welcome!


Whould you like to be an oríste guest?

Are you the next oríste producer?

Would you like to be the next oríste venue?

Please contact us at oriste@placesandflavors.com


Press contact: j.pilpilidou@placesandflavors.com


oríste World Event 2018

 Stockholm  17.05.2018 / Berlin  26.06.2018 / London 28.06.2018 /

New York  14.06.2018 / San Francisco  19.06.2018 / Chicago  21.06.2018