oríste” is a triptych of actions: the modern Pop Up Restaurant, the innovative Corner Showroom and last but not least, the informative Seminars.

The Pop Up Restaurant is the cornerstone of this triptych and works as a new and modern exhibition with the spotlight being put on selected products. The well-set table has targeted audience/buyers that get to experience this exceptional food exhibition which is set in the natural environment of a restaurant.

The Corner Showroom is set up inside the restaurant and it showcases the packaging and design of each presented product.

The Seminars consist of the information shared during the meal. Our food experts inform and help the participant to realize the value and quality of each product due to its origin and production methods.

oríste to pushing forward, to innovation, to exploring new international business paths.

oríste to being ahead of your time, to making targeted efforts that will open up markets as well as new opportunities.

oríste to a concentrated networking event that can provide all participants with real contacts that will push business forward and make it competitive in the international market.

oríste… as in welcome!


oríste World Event 2018

London 10.05.2018 / Berlin  15.05.2018 / Stockholm  17.05.2018

New York  22.05.2018 / Chicago  24.05.2018 / San Francisco  29.05.2018